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Clinic Structures

We have several options available to meet your needs best. Our clinicians are interested in cultivating long-term relationships with programs to help directors improve at their craft while remaining calm in the process. We want to get to know your students and give them our very best each visiting your campus. 

Single Clinic Visit

One of our clinicians will come to your campus and work with your concert or marching ensembles to help you prepare for a contest. We can observe rehearsal and share feedback afterward, jump on the podium and rehearse the ensemble, or “tag-team” with the director. Clinicians will provide feedback to students and directors as a part of the visit. You can book one or several of these clinics during the year.

Recurring Clinics

Book a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visit from one of our clinicians. These sessions will focus on developing skills, improving your ensemble over a more extended period, and going beyond just working on contest material. Clinics include coaching with directors to set goals and create an execution plan. Learn how to lesson plan, improve tone quality and articulation, work volume for outdoor ensembles, and improve the overall culture of the band environment.

Director Coaching Sessions

One of our clinicians will set up times to visit the campus, observe rehearsals, and help the director improve the delivery and organization of ideas. Directors can also set up a schedule of zoom sessions to review lesson plans, recordings, and gain feedback on the “next steps” for an ensemble. 

Professional Development or Conference Sessions

One of our clinicians will be happy to present at your next PD day or Conference on various topics of your choice.

Clinics can cover a range of topics

  • Fundamentals and daily drill recommendations for full ensemble
  • Improving ensemble tone quality and balance
  • Brass exercises to build stronger musicians
  • Balancing use of the metronome in rehearsal versus internal pulse/eye contact with conductor
  • Passion and musical expression
  • Singing for wind band members
  • Marching band full ensemble rehearsals
  • Marching band pacing and programming adjustments
  • Implementing TonalEnergy into all your rehearsals

Professional Development Sessions

“Recruitment and Retention: Keeping students from middle school band all the way through high school graduation” (Lipman, Perez, or Both)

“Marching Band: Designing for maximum audience, judge, and student engagement” (Lipman, Perez, or Both)

How do we design our marching shows to keep audiences, judges, and students engaged during our productions. Often, we perform for diverse audiences who respond differently to stimuli presented during a marching show. We can keep shows accessible and enjoyable will still pushing the limits of intellectual sophistication. Participants in this session will learn strategies on how to select music to support a concept that is engaging for a variety of different audiences.

A clinic that explores strategies to keep kids in band through their time in middle school and high school. Finding a way to make band a home for everyone and providing different opportunities will keep kids engaged. High School Directors spending time at the Middle Schools can hook kids early. Allowing kids to participate in other activities outside of band and finding compromise will encourage kids to stay in music longer. 

“Fundamentals for HS/MS Band” (Lipman, Perez, or Both)

“One Day at a Time” (Lipman)

This session focuses on strategies to manage the pressures and anxieties associated with band for staff and students alike. The pursuit of excellence is worthy but can also become overwhelming for all involved. We are taught to begin with the end in mind to help focus our preparation but there is a great benefit in also learning to break things into smaller pieces. Participants in this session will examine a variety of the challenges associated with middle and high school band, and how to improve longevity through taking the journey one day at a time.

This session explores a variety of daily drill exercises to build instrumental and listening skills. Directors can build their daily routine in a way that doesn’t just warm-up performers, but develops their ability as musicians. A great “daily diet” of exercises is essential for any student to have the tools to make wonderful music.

“HS/MS Band Ear Training and Aural Skills from Beginner to Advanced” (Lipman)

“Sing to be Musical: The Benefits of Singing with Wind Band students”(Lipman)

We sing to learn musicality and expression so that our instrumental performances may take on the beauty and lyricism of the human voice. This session partners looks at what is possible when wind band students learn to sing expressively as a part of their band experience. Students will enjoy working on the choral version of a piece they are playing in band, learning to develop expression through text, phrasing, and then transfer it to their instruments. Participants will see examples of how to first approach singing with students, and can also use this information with aural skills exercises to develop band students who may not have a background in singing.

We know the benefits of sharpening our students listening skills. This session looks at the nuts and bolts of working on aural skills with HS and MS students who may not have a background in singing. Participants will learn exercises and techniques to build confidence when first working on singing and how to grow these skills over time.

The Techy Band Director “A First Person Viewing Experience” (Vela)

NEW Ways to Use TE in Your Classroom! (Vela)

Technology in the classroom is both a GREAT advantage as well as an extreme CHALLENGE for directors and students depending on who you ask! Connecting wireless devices inside and outside, projecting audio sounds to large groups of students, and utilizing electronic devices and apps are all situations a teacher must be comfortable with today to provide high quality TECH instruction to their students. Albert will provide a FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE (a la video game perspective) video view of common problems and solutions a band director must overcome and navigate on a daily basis in front of an audience of TECH-crazed band students. Topics will include solving wireless problems, using external tuning mics, using apps for tuning, drones, and metronomes, and other tech related topics.

TonalEnergy App releases the new and improved versions frequently to the world of music education. TonalEnergy has INCREASED the amount of progress that you and your music students can make - ALL WITH A MOBILE DEVICE that fits in your pocket! Albert will guide attendees through MANY of the new features with video explanations as well as ways to implement the brand new versions into their classrooms with their students. Features to be demonstrated will include Activity and Practice Tracking, the new Interval Trainer, the Auto Exercise Creator, Drone Presets, and many more!

Other Sessions

  • Vertical Alignment: Middle School and High School Band Staffs working together
  • Iron Sharpens Iron: Working together with colleagues from other schools to increase longevity in then profession
  • Using the Band Clinician: Ideas and suggestions for bringing in clinicians and how to get the most out of your time with them.
  • "From the Classroom to the Practice Room" Create a pathway using TonalEnergy for your students to improve and have fun practicing

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